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“If you are not 1st Page of Google, then you are not ready for 21st Century” Company’s Founder Balaji famously said.

We provide SEO and Software solutions to IT sectors,Co-working Spaces, hospitals, gaming companies, Manufacturing sectors, corporate and all sectors.

We are most genuine SEO and Technology expert. Our professional’s strategy not only helps you in achieving good results, but it also helps in getting an online brand along with automation & innovation in every step of business through software solutions.

You can rely on our expert team to get WOW results for your company. We have clients from all over the world.

We believe in solving real problems of our clients through software, So understanding the problems is the key. We automate and solve many process through software.

As A16Z Venture capital firm rightly said “Software is eating the world”.

Famously Naval Ravikant says “Your company may not be in software business, but eventually, a software company will be in your business”

Profitbooks online accounting software
Mitroz Technologies
Level212 Coworking space

Get Discovered Online: Now Search Results Matters More In 2020


Do you know what, this 2020 year has brought so many things with it? Now SEO is not about getting rank for popular terms, instead, it is about being found when it matters most. If you are thinking that you just need to focus on a keyword and rank that term on top, then let us correct you. Today, in the new era SEO is useful to rank you on the first, when you potential users search for you, they can see you on the top of the list.

Our skilled search engine optimization experts provide the best SEO services and carefully research the right keyword for your business and ensure that you gain qualified traffic that converts to your bottom line.


how much is your

online walking customers

How many customers can discover you on first page of Google?  In era of high competition, if you want to build long term sales funnel then we can guide you.


whats your online conversion ratio

Are you able to make your website work for you 24 by 7?    Are you able to convert business online?

We are here to help to reach that state.


World-Class Software enabler

Our Software solutions enables our clients a world class reach for their success instead of focusing on repetitive work. so by using our solutions, clients are more productive, more focused on key growth factors.

Fast & Easy Automated Work

Best and simple strategies for Automation of work through our software solutions. 

Create Quality Results

We bring saving lot of quality time of our clients, which in turn have outstanding results. Clean calendar and clear mind brings Brilliant ideas.So is the software at your disposal.


Our main Sutras for success

smart strategies

In order to get best results, we devise and implement smart strategies for Software & SEO


We understand you and your customers first, then plan totally customized plan.

SEO & software Experts to rely on

Our in-house expert team is brilliant at execution. And bringing on results.

more accountable

We make our results more accountable with our professional approach.

timely updates

We give monthly updates to make sure everyone aligned in same direction.

Long term commitment in clients success

Genuine software with genuine SEO brings Magical results. we always strive for long term success of clients.

Customer Testimony

What customers has to speak about us.

Absolutely great SEO services delivered. Professional approach and regular updates. we are enjoying now good organic traffic .

Andy Graham

Tech Lead, Graham Consultant

I was having only outbound leads for funding. But due to SEO done from these guys, we have built good sales funnel which grows automatically.

we are really happy with results. 

can’t recommend more : )

Ajay B

Founder, Capital K advisory

We really recommend their software services and vouch for their technology delivery. They are more supportive even after software delivery. Really cool automation they did with new software.

Joey Perry

Cofounder, JP Realty

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