If you are looking for making a change in the environment, then you are in the right place.

Our Planet Earth has been thriving and blooming until mankind starts disturbing it for their own benefit. Right Now, there is an urgent need for making a change to save our environment.

Excessive use of Plastic, Deforestation, Usage of toxic and non-biodegradable items, Increase in Air Pollution and other activities can lead to catastrophic results if we do not put a stop to it.

You can make a difference by choosing your day to day choices consciously.

To help you with your eco-friendly choices, we have listed down top 100 Eco-Friendly blogs, website and influencers which you can follow to do your bit to save our environment :

RedditReddit – EcoFriendly

Reddit community was founded in June 2005 and here you can discuss ways to live green and major environmental problems and their solutions. You can reach out to the community members for advice and can be a part of discussions.

Domain Authority: 91

Best Blog to read: Easy Tips for an Eco-Friendly Home

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/reddit

Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/reddit



Treehugger is the leading website with a vision to be a one-stop solution for green news, solutions, sustainability, and product information. They publish their blogs weekly and regularly update their social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook.

Domain Authority: 80

Best Blog to read: Kids are suffering worldwide from ongoing pandemic

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/TreeHugger

Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/TreeHugger


Earth 911 helps you to choose a sustainable option for a healthy and happier lifestyle. They are focusing on the increase in recycling rates and adopt environment-friendly activities that drives impactful environmental changes. It is a community that thrives for environment-friendly practices and focuses on saving our planet Earth.

Domain Authority: 79

Best Blog to read: How Can We Stop Climate Change?

Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/earth911


EcoWatch is a leading online environmental news company where you can read news and stories related to our planet and life. They publish science-based news on a wide range of subjects like climate change, energy, oceans, animals, politics, and health.

Domain Authority: 79

Best Blog to read : 3 Innovations Leading the Fight to Save Our Ocean

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/EcoWatch

Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/EcoWatch

Green Prophet

Green Prophet

Green Prophet was founded by environmental activist, biologist, and journalist Karin Kloosterman. It is your online guide for some best green design ideas, innovations and inspiration u need to build a better, cleaner and brighter future for the middle east and beyond. They focus on making an impactful mind shift we need for a greener future.

Domain Authority: 67

Best Blog to read: Using coronavirus as a restart button for living a sustainable lifestyle

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/greenprophet/

 Bea Johnson

Zero Waste Home

Zero Waste Home is a blog turned bestselling book written by Bea Johnson and she debunked the misconceptions of thinking that waste-free living is time-consuming and costly. She is one of the most desired inspirational speakers for zero waste living.

Domain Authority: 63

Best Blog to read: TRAVEL AND ZERO WASTE

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/ZeroWasteHome/


RedFlagDeals.com is a community where you can discuss environment-friendly ideas, tips, and guides on creating a better tomorrow. You also get access to thousands of deals and coupons in more than 70 categories. They are a leading provider of online promotions and shopping tools.

Domain Authority: 62
Best Blog to read: Is a zero-waste lifestyle really possible?

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/redflagdeals/

Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/RedFlagDeals

EcoTools BeautyEcoTools Beauty

Ecotools is founded by sisters Jen and Stacey in 2007 to create makeup brush collection which is of high quality and environment friendly too. They used recycled materials, renewable bamboo to manufacture these brushes.

Domain Authority: 60


Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/ecotools

Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/ecotools


Treepeople is a non-profit environmental move that unites the power of trees, people, and environment-based solutions to grow a clean, green, and sustainable future for Los Angeles. They are working on healing the damage caused to cities by non-friendly environmental activities.
Domain Authority: 59
Best Blog to read: Imagine a Day Without Water

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/TreePeopleorg

Beth TerryBeth Terry
My Plastic-free life is written by Beth Terry and she is committed to reduce her personal plastic consumption and lead a plastic-free life. She took the time to write and call companies for less plastic packaging and also ran a successful campaign named ‘Take Back the Filter’.
Domain Authority: 59

Facebook Link:  https://www.facebook.com/beth.terry1


Small footprint family talks about how your food choices can affect the lives of future generations and the environment. They talk about conserving water, gardening, detoxing your home, whole food nutrition, eco-friendly choices, and conservation of other natural resources. Their ideas will help you in leading a healthy, simple life in a sustainable way.
Domain Authority: 58

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/SmallFootprintFamily/

Dr Prem JagyasiEcofriend
Ecofriend is Dr. Prem Guides & Magazine Website. Dr. Prem is a times award-winning global speaker and an author. He supports start-ups and entrepreneurs with Certified Chartered consultancy and marketing services. Eco-friend is a website that will help in achieving an eco-friendly lifestyle by providing you “How to” guides to save the environment.

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/drpremjagyasi

Kathryn KelloggGoing Zero Waste
Going Zero Waste blog is written by Kathryn and she talks about how we can create a system where our consumed resources can be resumed fully back into the system. The main goal is to move towards a zero-waste approach and eliminate the existence of trash.
Domain Authority: 57

BRET & MARYGreen Global Travel

Green Global Travel is a blog where travelers can find information on how they can minimize their ecological footprints and simple ways to save water. They strive for the perfect balance between a practical and informative blog that aims to spread awareness on sustainable philosophies of eco-tourism and conservation.

Domain Authority: 56


Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/GreenGlobalTravel

Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/greenglobaltrvl

Urban Gardens

Urban Gardens
Urban Gardens is founded by Robin Plaskoff Horton and she is in love with travel, urban style, design, and sustainable living. Urban Garden is considered as an influencer in the home and garden sector and has a huge following base on their social media. You can find things like cultivating a garden, harvesting, and cooking on their blog.
Domain Authority:  55



When it comes to living sustainably, the fashion industry is often ignored as there is a lack of awareness about how they can contribute to a zero-waste and make environmental Changes. Alden Wicker is on a mission to make that change in the fashion industry by speaking on sustainable and ethical fashion. She publishes shopping guides and researched articles on the international sustainable fashion industry, so you can be a better consumer.

Domain Authority: 54

Best Blog to read: Organic, Sustainable, Reusable Face Masks for Adults and Kids

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/ecocultnyc


Green Living Ideas provides tips and information on how you can go green in every aspect of your life like home energy, green building, remodeling, electric cars, food, and waste recycling. They have worked with the world’s top green living authors to bring you the latest information on sustainable living.

Domain Authority: 54

Best Blog to read: Improving Air Quality in an Ecofriendly Way

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/greenlivingideas

Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/grnlivingideas

Rae StraussMY ZERO WASTE – Rae Strauss

My Zero waste is a blog where you can find ways to reduce waste and pollution in our environment. You will find simple ways to reduce waste and recycle ideas.

Domain Authority: 52

Best Blog to read: 5 Reasons to Scrap Your Old Car

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/MyZeroWaste/

Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/myzerowaste

Eco Warrior Princess

Eco Warrior Princess
Eco Warrior Princess was founded in 2010 by Jennifer Nini, a writer, activist, and certified organic farm owner. She is redefining the idea of living green by dismantling ethical elitism. They cover topics like environmental issues, conservation, sustainable fashion, conscious business, social justice, eco beauty, green technology, etc.
Domain Authority: 51

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/ecowarriorprincessaus/

MilotzaLittle Green Dot – MILITZA

Little green dot is an educational space which is written by MilItza, and this blog is dedicated to natural skincare. She is a trained herbalist specializing in the skin, certified aromatherapist, skincare formulation, and natural skincare educator. On her blog, you can find anything about herbal skincare and DIYs.

Domain Authority: 51


Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/LittleGreenDot/

Twitter Link:  https://twitter.com/lilgreendot

 Carissa Bonham

Creative Green Living
The Eco-friendly family is written by Amanda and she talks about green living from a practical and modern perspective. She will help you with making lifestyle changes that are environmentally friendly and choosing products and foods that are rewarding and as well as healthier.
Domain Authority:  50
Biome Eco Stores
Biome Eco Stores

 Tracey Bailey in 2003 with a vision to empower others to make a difference. Some of her major works include palm oil, misleading claims about biodegradable plastics, bamboo fabric, and synthetic fragrances. They are finding solutions to tackle environmental challenges like hidden toxins and dubious ingredients.

Domain Authority: 49

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/eco.friendly.Biome.stores

Nikki Green Moxie
Greenmoxie is a lifestyle magazine where you can read about the benefits of living green, upcycling, adventure travel, and sustainable living. A one-stop solution for your every question about sustainable living and living green.
Domain Authority:  49

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/greenmoxie

 Kimberly Button

Get Green Be Well
Get Green Be Well Blog is founded by Kimberly button who is a certified Well AP, green living expert, professional journalist, author, speaker, editor, and professional photographer. Her main idea behind this blog is to detox your home to improve your life a stay healthy. She also wrote a book on healthy homes – “The Ultimate Home Detox Guide”
Domain Authority: 48

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/GetGreenBeWell


Green talk
Green Talk was founded in 2007 with a vision to spread awareness about living a green lifestyle. You can also find tips on gardening, herbs, food preservation, green décor, and recycling articles.
Domain Authority: 48

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/GreenTalk

Wendy GrahamMoral Fibres
Moral fibers are run by Wendy who started this blog in early 2013 to show how easy and affordable it is to live a greener life. She provides tips on how to live a greener life with style. She also wrote a book on Natural Cleaning – “Fresh Clean Home”.
Domain Authority: 47
Best Blog to read:  How To Go Plastic Free

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/MoralFibres/


Nobody is unknown about the amazing benefits of having a good night’s sleep. Plushbed is here to help you in achieving good quality sleep in an environment-friendly way. They manufacture natural and organic latex mattress which have a longer life span than other mattresses and they are also environmentally friendly.
Domain Authority: 47

Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/plushBeds

Sanctuary magazine features Australia’s leading environmental architects and designers’ work, provides a bunch of ideas and advice on how to make your home sustainable in your budget, and features lavish and sustainable new homes and renovations.
Domain Authority: 47

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/AlternativeTechnologyAssociation/

The Green Divas

The Green Divas
Green Diva Meg was founded by Megan McWilliams Bouchard, who is also a producer and host of 50 Shades of Green Divas podcast, GD Spirit podcast, and founder of GDGD Radio network. You can find ideas on living green on her blog.
Domain Authority: 47

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/greendivas

Seth LeitmanGreen Living Guy
Green Living guy blog is written by Seth Leitman who is a green living expert, celebrity, Editor of McGraw-Hill., TAB green guru guides. He is also an author, writer, radio host, and environmental consultant. He reports on green living and sustainability to electric cars.

Domain Authority: 46

Best Blog to read: How important sustainability is to the modern consumer?

Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/seth_leitman

Big Green Purse

Big Green Purse
Big Green Purse is run by Diane MacEachern, an award-winning entrepreneur, and bestselling author. On her blog, she talks about how you can protect the environment by changing your spending habits and make a change.
Domain Authority: 46

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/BigGreenPurse

Dr. Karen S. LeeDr. Karen S. Lee
Dr. Karen S. Lee shares green DIYs, product reviews, eco-tips, and news on her blog. She promotes living green and also shares sponsored giveaways. She spread awareness about your health and what you can do to prevent health issues.
Domain Authority: 44

The Environmental Blog

The Environmental Blog

The Environmental Blog was started in 2007 to create awareness about environmental issues. You can read about energy, sustainable living, climate change, green technology, and environmental changes on their blog.

Domain Authority: 42


Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/TheEnvironmentalBlog

Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/EnvironmentBlog

Eco Diva

Eco Diva
Ecodiva beauty deals in organic yet luxury beauty products, skincare, and makeup, hair products, bath and body products. They often share organic DIYs for skin and beauty care.
Domain Authority:  41

Facebook Link:  https://www.facebook.com/EcoDivaBeauty/

Jennae PetersenGreen Your Decor
Green you décor is run by Jennae Peterson and she will help you in finding sustainable and eco-friendly products that will help you in decorating your home plus it will also reduce the carbon footprint as well. The main goal is to maintain the style without compromising the environment.
Domain Authority: 41
U.S. Green TechnologyU.S. Green Technology
U.S Green technology was founded in 2009, is to intersect the main street with Green street by focusing on news related to green technology, green start-ups, green inventions, and green jobs. They also highlight green manufacturing, green building, green business, and the spread of the green movement.
Domain Authority: 40
Zoe MorrisonEco Thrifty Living
Eco Thrifty living is written by Zoe Morrison and on her blog, she shares about saving money and the environment in an easy and accessible way. She also wrote a book named Eco Thrifty Living: Save Money, Save the Environment and Live the Life You Want! A great introduction to sustainable living! Where she shares everything about saving money, environment, and living the life u want.
Domain Authority: 40

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/EcoThriftyLiving

Jennifer ChaitGrowing a Green Family
Growing a Green family is all about parenting, healthy living, housing, nature, saving money, education, sustainable goods, and much more. They talk about how families of all shapes and sizes can make eco-friendly changes for the environment.
Domain Authority: 40
Best Blog to read:  Toxic tampons are here to stay
Georgina CaroGypsy Soul
Gypsy Soul blog is run by Georgina Caro and she is on a mission to change people’s life by providing information on minimizing, simplify, and leading a simple and sustainable life.
Domain Authority: 40
Eco Power UpEco Power Up
Eco-power helps people chose solar-powered products by reviewing the best products that actually work. Their reviews are backed by data that means they look at how solar works, its performance and gives you the most relevant information.
Domain Authority: 39


Ecoideaz is a non-profit organization that showcases case studies in eco-friendly ideas and innovations, green technologies, and all kinds of green companies based in India that are making an effort in saving the environment.
Domain Authority: 38

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/ecoideazz

Saved By Grace
Saved By Grace
Save By Grace Blog is written by Christine, an eco-friendly and hippie at heart mom. She loves to write about healthy recipes, DIY Projects, and living healthy. The main aim of this blog is to help those who want to start living green.
Domain Authority: 38

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/SavedbyGraceblog/

Ecocentric Mom

Ecocentric Mom

Ecocentric Mom is a subscription-based club for moms who want to go green and save on organic, non-toxic, and natural products for themselves, for their babies and for their homes. They provide personalized monthly boxes tailor-made for pregnant women, babies, toddlers, and beyond.

Domain Authority: 37

Best Blog to read: Best Organic Baby Products for the Earth-Friendly New Mom

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/ecocentricmom/

Clare DelaneyEcoFriendlyLink Clare Delaney

Eco-Friendly Link is written by Clare Delaney, an Eco Expert living an eco-friendly life on a tropical island. On her blog, you can find ways to live green by making conscious and right choices and everything you need to live green.

Domain Authority: 37

Best Blog to read: Revive Food, Avoid Food Waste

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/EcoFriendlyLink

Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/EcoExpert1

Ana Green

Ana goes green

Ana goes green is a beauty and lifestyle blog by Ana, a beauty industry professional. You can find product reviews from mainstreams to niche brands. She also talks about organic beauty on her blog.

Domain Authority: 37

Best Blog to read: New in – Youth to the People superfood skincare

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/AnaGoesGreen

Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/Anagoesgreen


Sustainable(ish) is a community interest company and runs a social enterprise. This blog is written by Jen and she talks about how our consumption and buying are affecting our planet and how you can change it for good.

Domain Authority: 36


Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/mymakedoandmendlife/

Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/sustainableish

Biofriendly Planet

Biofriendly Planet
Biofriendly Planet magazine is an attempt to make the environment clean by finding, sharing, and discussing the solutions that can contribute to solving environmental problems. This magazine is for people who want to make this planet greener and better.
Domain Authority: 35

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/biofriendlyplanet

Green Lifestyle

Green Lifestyle
Green Lifestyle Changes will help you in making a change by providing you the necessary steps for your family to start living a healthy and low impact lifestyle. You can find articles on climate change, solar and healthy living on their blog.
Domain Authority: 35

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/grnlifestyle

Glamorganic Goddess

Glamorganic Goddess
If you are looking for natural organic product reviews, a healthy lifestyle, clean beauty tips, then the Glamorganic Goddess blog is your one-stop solution. This blog is written by Danielle Messina – a sassy, young Breast Cancer Survivor who wants to be a part of the solution.
Domain Authority: 34

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/TheGlamorganicGoddess

Eco-Office Gals
Eco-Office GalsEco-Office Gals provides information about sites and products that are useful for building business green and paperless. They provide services like Virtual Assistant Services, WordPress Development, and green web hosting to help small businesses by going paperless and using electronic media and communication.Domain Authority: 34Best Blog to read:7 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Be Energy EfficientFacebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/EcoOfficeGalsFanPage/Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/EcoOfficeGals
Ways2GoGreen Blog
Ways2GoGreen Blog
Ways2gogreen blog is founded by Clay miller in 2009, where he shares about green things. On his blog you can find information on recycling, reducing and reusing waste, decomposition, composting, planting trees, gardening, and plastic identification codes, etc
Domain Authority: 33

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/ways2gogreen/

The Green Mama
Green Mama blog was started by Manda Aufochs Gillespie, who has 20 years of experience in this field. She likes to read and write and she works as a consultant, educator, and speaker. She also wrote this book on living green for low-income families “Green Mama: Giving your child a healthy start and a greener future” and “Green Mama to be: Creating a happy, healthy and toxin-free pregnancy”, where she talks about improving fertility with keeping toxins at bay.
Domain Authority: 33

Best Blog to read: How do I live with lead paint & a young child?

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/thegreenmama

Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/thegreenmama

Forge Recycling
Forge Recycling
Forge waste and recycling offers waste management services across West Yorkshire and make recycling easy. You will find amazing articles on waste management, recycling, and going green on their blog.
Domain Authority: 33

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/ForgeRecycling

Gregory AbbottGregory Abbott
This site promotes Gregory Abbott’s personal approach towards life i.e positivity, health, spirituality, tolerance, and compassion for others and his music.
Domain Authority: 33


Plastic-free Tuesday focus on going plastic-free and use non-plastic materials like cotton, linen, glass, steel, wood, hemp fire, and many more!! They share how discarding plastic can help the planet and our environment.
Domain Authority: 33

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/PlasticFreeTuesday/

Rae StraussLittle Green Blog
Little Green Blog talks about environmental issues, eco-conscious, sustainable living, gardening, self-sufficiency, real food, recycling, organic, cleaning products, and natural healing process. If you are someone who is looking to get on the path of eco-awareness, then you must check out this blog.
Domain Authority: 33

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/zerowasteweekheroes 

Addie Fisher
Old World New
Old World new is a community that is dedicated to inspiring others to make eco-friendly and eco-conscious actions in our day to day lives to make a change.
Domain Authority: 30
Green Tech GazetteGreen Tech Gazette
Green Tech Gazette blog is for green tech enthusiasts. They provide news, opinions, inventions, and products that we can use to make our lives greener and conserve the environment.
Domain Authority: 29
Easy Eco Blog Easy Eco Blog
Easy Eco Blog will help you with the tips that will help you to become more green and eco-friendly with minimum efforts. Their goal is to help you with saving money and improve the ecosystem.
Domain Authority: 29

Facebook Link:https://www.facebook.com/EasyEcoBlog/

ENSO Plastics

ENSO Plastics ENSO Plastics’ main mission is to end pollution plastic by developing environment-friendly plastic. They are trying to make the world cleaner by providing better plastic solutions.Domain Authority: 29Best Blog to read : Sustainability: Fact or Fiction?Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/ensoplastics/

The Green FamiliaThe Green Familia

The Green Familia is a light green resource blog where you can find some great info and tips to lead a greener life and you can also find organic and eco-friendly products for you and your family.

Domain Authority: 29

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/TheGreenFamilia/

Claire Potter Claire Potter
Claire Potter Design blog is from the Claire Potter Design Studio in Brighton, where they show the best and most interesting sustainable designs and something that will help with the circular economy.
Domain Authority: 28
Greene is a blog where you can read about some important issues related to environment and information on conservation, energy, recycling, etc.
Domain Authority: 28

Jonathan Levy

Zero Waste Guy
Zero Waste Guy is written by Jonathan Levy who is a Certified True Advisor and Certified Sustainable Resource Management Professional with over 10 years of work experience in operations and supply chain management. He advocates about how you can lead a zero-waste life and lead an eco-friendly and sustainable life.
Domain Authority: 28

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/zerowasteguy

Ali CliffordIncredibusy
Incredibusy is founded by Ali Clifford and she works with predominantly ethical and sustainable SMEs, helping them to establish themselves online. She is passionate about sustainability and strives to shift focus on eco-friendly fashion.
Domain Authority: 27

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/incredibusy

Smart Mommy Healthy BabySmart Mommy Healthy Baby
Smart Mommy Healthy Baby was founded by Eva. On her blog, you can find time-saving resources for moms and pregnant moms to find non-toxic, eco-friendly, natural, and organic products for their babies and themselves.
Domain Authority: 26

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/smartmommyhealthybaby

Sustaining Our WorldSustaining Our World
Sustaining your world is run by David Guion, and he writes about green living, green homes, and sustainability. He will be providing you some practical and reliable tips on how you can live better and save the planet.
Domain Authority: 25

Green's Your Colour

Green’s Your Colour
Green’s color is launched by Sandy Costa in 2011 with a mission to offer consumer products that are practical, safe, and sustainable. They provide new sustainable and naturally made products for households.
Domain Authority: 25

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/greensyourcolour

Courtney Leafygreen.info
Leafy green is run by Courtney since 2007 who loves to live life through zero waste practices. Her blog shares green product reviews and features her daily eco-lifestyle. They provide eco-friendly options for almost every daily use items.
Domain Authority: 24

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/leafygreeninfo/

Shane Shirley Shane Shirley

Shane Shirley is a mother, green consumer advocate, and Digital marketing consultant. She talks about eco-friendly ideas to live sustainably and protect our environment and our well-being.
Domain Authority: 24

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/shaneshirleymedia

 Gittemary JohansenGittemary.com
Gittermary.com is a space where you can find information on vegan foods, green fashion, recipes, eco beauty, and zero waste tips. They promote an approach of zero waste, low impact, and eco-consciousness.
Domain Authority:  23

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/Gittemary/


PratsmusingsPratsmusings is written by a work from home mother and blogger who loves natural and organic things. On this blog, you will find information on products, stores, DIY tips, and other things that reduces the carbon footprint and make life simpler.

Domain Authority: 22Best Blog to read: How to stay fit and healthyFacebook Link:  https://www.facebook.com/Pratsmusings/

JOHN WALKEREarthfriendlygardener.net

Earth Friendly Gardener is written by John Walker and he helps reconnect gardeners from all around the world. He blogs about greener, earth-friendly gardening for websites and magazines. He also focuses on building eco-friendly gardens.
Domain Authority: 22


Greenhandle is an online B2B marketplace where you can find eco-friendly products like paper bags, jute bags, newspaper bags, food products, and safety products made from recycled materials in India.
Domain Authority: 21

Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/greenhandle_in

Eco Friendly Green ProductsEco Friendly Green Products
Eco-friendly green products support the sustainable environment and continual research work and offer selections of the best green tips and product reviews. They also provide cleansing diets, herbs, home living, and organic tips for healthy living.
Domain Authority: 21

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/mecheshier

Green BusinessGreen Business
Green Business provides commentary on green business in a simple and informative manner and offers their opinion through their articles. They promote sustainable living and how companies can be more environment-conscious while making money.
Domain Authority: 20
Diamonds and Spikes were founded by Eugenia Zhenya Bulah in 2007 and she shares everything about fashion. On her blog, she is trying to spread awareness on no waste living and conscious consumerism, sports, and beauty that do not harm the environment.
Domain Authority: 19

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/diamondsandspikes

KarenSustainable Daisy
Sustainable Daisy is a blog where you can find information on fashion, beauty, and environment-friendly ideas. The blog is written by Karen and she loves to spread awareness on saving money, expressing gratitude, and making lifestyle changes that can help us in saving our environment.
Domain Authority: 19

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/sustainabledaisy/

My Green Home BlogMy Green Home Blog
My Green Blog home blog is an attempt to spread green values and taking care of the planet. You can find some green ideas, green product reviews, environment-friendly ideas, and green news.
Domain Authority: 18
Eco Pod is a smart tech refill system by which you can use home care and personal care products into reusable containers. They are on a mission to shift towards a circular economy where wastage is designed out of the equation for a more sustainable world.
Domain Authority: 17

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/EcopodKiosks/?ref=bookmarks

Eco Tech Daily

Eco-Tech Daily
Eco-Tech Daily was founded by Craig J Todd in April 2014 and he writes about green technology, and how its potential can have a positive impact on our environment and lives. He also shares “Tips for life” at Lifehack.
Domain Authority: 17
Rachel LeesThe Foraged Life
The Foraged Life is a place where you can share stories of Eco-friendly living and living with nature. You can find insights on how to live in an eco-friendly way in homes, in public, and on the road.
Domain Authority: 17

Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/TheForagedLife


Eco View Homes
Eco View homes provide home with standard and cutting edge features with advanced eco-friendly features like geothermal/high-efficiency HVAC. They make homes that are ecologically conscious as well as cost and energy saving.
Domain Authority: 16

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/EcoViewHomes

Spot of EarthSpot of Earth
Spot of Earth was founded in 2011 and was previously known as “Musing from a Northern Village”. Here, you can read about parenting and family life, environment, and zero waste approach towards life, village life, child education, home and gardens, and poetry.
Domain Authority: 16
Best Blog to read: 10 Ways To Reuse Glass Jars
Bamboodu Bamboodu
Bamboodu provides bamboo products as an alternative to plastic products. They sell products such as earbuds and toothbrushes made from bamboo that are completely sustainable and eco-friendly. Their goal is to develop and sell a zero-waste range made from sustainable bamboo material that is eco-friendly.
Domain Authority: 15
Saving the GraceSaving the Grace
Saving the Grace by Emily in 2018 and she raises awareness about the world’s water crisis and encourages other people to lead a more sustainable and healthy life. She talks about our choices affect our planet and what changes you can make to avoid harming our planet.
Domain Authority: 13

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/savingthegrace/?ref=bookmarks

Larissa SwayzeOf Houses and Trees
Of Houses and Trees is founded by Larissa who is a former architectural technologist. She will help you in making your homes green and eco-friendly. You can read about sustainable living, design, and sustainable products and DIYs on her blog.
Domain Authority: 12
Best Blog to read: Cruelty-Free Duvet Options

Live Simple Eco

Live Simple Eco
Live Simple Eco will help you in the process of going green. You can find easy and accessible tips and guides to go eco-friendly. Here you will find everything to start a zero-waste. lifestyle and being more sustainable.
Domain Authority: 9
PipA Refuge for Daffodils
A Refuge for Daffodils is written by Pip, who is on a journey to create awareness on eliminating the plastic from our regular lives. You can find ways to reduce waste, finding alternatives, cooking more local food, and plant-based meals on this blog.
Domain Authority: 9
Best Blog to read: Rethinking Zero Waste

Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/littlegreenpip/

Best Pegs
Best Pegs
Best Pegs journey began in 2019 and they are on a mission to increase the use of stainless steel as an alternative to plastic bags. The main purpose is to reduce the plastic pegs that are not recyclable and damaging to the soil and waterways.
Domain Authority: 8
Best Blog to read: Eco-Friendly Laundry Tips
Zero Waste DocZero Waste Doc
Zero Waste Doc is founded by Natalie and she is passionate about the environment and social justice. She shares ways to generate an eco-friendlier and zero waste approach towards life.
Domain Authority: 8
Team Worrall Blog is written by a mother of three who wants to live an eco-friendlier life with her family. She shares product reviews, parenting tips, and family adventures on her blog.
Domain Authority: 5
Heartfelt DelightsHeartfelt Delights
Heartfelt Delights was founded in 2016 by Kristie Waldron. She offers you some of the best organic beauty products, living, and kitchen essentials which are a low impact on our environment and ecosystem. Get your products without harming the ecosystem.
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Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/heartfeltdelight/

The Thrifty NaturalistThe Thrifty Naturalist
The Thrifty Naturalist will help you in taking care of your physical and spiritual being by providing meditation training, sharing knowledge on healthy foods, and how to live sustainably and without harming the environment.
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Best Blog to read: Healing Through Nature
Tenacious ThinkerTenacious Thinker
Tenacious Thinker is founded by Elisha and through her blog, she is spreading awareness about wellness, mental, and physical well-being. She writes about finding purpose, how to live more sustainably, and improve our communities.
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RoisinThe Eco-Friendly Adventurer
Eco-Friendly Adventure is written by Roisin and she shares environment education, simple living, other green tips. She shares DIYs, Plant-based recipes, and zero waste information.
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Deyanira Dones

Deyanira Dones
Deyanira Dones writes about clothes and a positive lifestyle. She talks about how to incorporate a more eco-friendly lifestyle at home and ways to take care of our planet.
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Making my home eco-friendlyMaking my home eco-friendly
Making my home eco-friendly blog is all about how you can change your existing home into eco-friendlier, healthier, fresher, and more sustainable. By making small changes you can make your home “ a nature-friendly home”.
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Making eco-friendly and sustainable choices can save our environment from degrading further and our next generation will not look upon us as a destroyer of our planet. You can follow the above-mentioned blogs to get tips and guidance on how to live green and sustainably.
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